Town of Markham

Mobile Work Management System (MWMS)

Irwin Consulting Services Inc. implemented our ABOUTIME® solution to perform periodic preventive maintenance inspections of waterworks assets such as hydrants. Spot inspection data was captured on mobile devices using ABOUTIME® and synchronized with the Hansen Infrastructure Management System (IMS) that is responsible for performing all CMMS activities. All waterworks assets were bar-coded and upon scanning the barcode for a particular hydrant, ABOUTIME® would recall the PM work order that needed to be performed and allow the waterworks inspector to verify all information and to capture all spot inspection details for the asset in question. ABOUTIME® would also automatically capture the amount of time taken to perform the inspection and update the work order status in the Hansen SQL Server database.

Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Airport Signage Information System

Irwin Consulting Services Inc. implemented our ABOUTIME® solution to automate the inventory and inspection of road signs, interior signs and exterior building signs. The solution developed is a plug-in module for ABOUTIME® called ASIS (Airport Signage Information System). ASIS combines Global Position System (GPS), Bluetooth technology, digital photography and bar-code scanning capabilities. The solution ensures regulatory compliance, mitigates possible lawsuits and reduces GTAA sign inspection labour costs by over $100,000.00 per year. Recent enhancements to ASIS now provide for integration with AMMS to directly raise work orders for failed signs, monitor the status of work requests and automatically load inventory into AMMS. This solution has been written up as a case study by Microsoft and is available here.