ABOUTIME® is Irwinovation Incorporated's flagship software product, engineered to capture, categorize and chronologically index virtually any type of information for consumption by other information systems. ABOUTIME® provides a time-based information indexing framework that includes the following functionality:

Universal Information Journaling

ABOUTIME® allows users to index any data (pictures, documents, video, conversations) along a timeline so that users know what happened and when it happened.

Anytime/Anywhere Activity Tracking

ABOUTIME® runs on Pocket PCs, SmartPhones and Tablet PCs so that users easily can capture data where they are, when it happens.

Transparent Information Synchronization Capabilities

ABOUTIME® synchronizes data collected on mobile devices with existing business processes, storing information in its native data format.

Effective Activity Analysis

ABOUTIME® categorizes, indexes and accumulates activity data as it is captured permitting unparalleled information analysis. For example, ABOUTIME® makes it possible to analyze user performance based on data entered using Activity Quality Indicators.

“Snap-In” Productivity Packs

ABOUTIME® boasts easy extensibility through Activity Class Modules to address user-specific data capture requirements (inventory collection, asset inspections, progress monitoring, maintenance management.