Rapid problem resolution

Irwinovation's Technical Support provides comprehensive services and cost-saving updates to help you optimize your ABOUTIME® software implementation.

Available standard business hours on standard business days, this convenient service gives your IT team direct access to ABOUTIME® IT Response Centers. Experienced Response Center engineers provide trustworthy advice on issues such as software features and use, problem diagnosis and resolution, and software defect identification. Any member of your IT staff can electronically access essential product and support information.

In addition, Irwinovation's Technical Support brings you software updates at substantial subscription savings. This includes new versions of Irwinovation and selected third-party software products, patches, and documentation, as well as licensing to use and copy these versions.

Choose Software Technical Support when you need to:

  • Improve the productivity of system managers and operators
  • Improve system performance and reduce downtime due to software defects
  • Expedite problem resolution through expert-level technical resources
  • Enjoy consistent service coverage across geographically dispersed sites
  • Update ABOUTIME® and selected third-party software at a predictable cost
  • Take advantage of subscription savings on software updates
  • Keep your license compliancy up-to-date


  • Ready access to technical resources - Connect with ABOUTIME® Response Center engineers via telephone, electronic communication, or FAX for assistance in resolving software implementation or operations problems.
  • Problem analysis and resolution - ABOUTIME® Services provides corrective support to resolve identifiable and reproducible software product problems, and to help you identify problems that are difficult to reproduce. You can also receive assistance in trouble-shooting problems and setting configuration parameters.
  • Software features and operational support ABOUTIME® provides information on the latest product features and known problems and solutions, plus operational advice and assistance.
  • Escalation management - Established escalation procedures enlist specialized expertise from ABOUTIME® and selected third-parties.
  • Installation advisory - Advisory support is available for help with installation and updating of standalone applications or products installed in a network environment.
  • 9x5 coverage - Service is available 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Software updates and licensing - Complete ABOUTIME® and selected third-party software product and documentation updates are available to your system manager. You receive a license to use and copy software product updates for all systems covered by the original software license.
  • Electronic software information - Access ABOUTIME® 's electronic support facility for software patches, a symptom-solution database, product descriptions, specifications, technical literature, and more.